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The Startup Generation [2-12years]

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A Best-Selling

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  • Interactive and Engaging
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Capstone Project For Kids
  • Online Consultation available on request 


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Our Story

With the fast changing pace of modern day living in the 21st century it has never been more vital for parents to train up children in the ways of innovation and financial literacy. This toolkit is designed to give you  a foundation and get you started on the journey of raising up  the next generation of innovators and creative genius'.  

This toolkit is interactive and engaging. It contains videos, games and fun activities to make the mentorship process easier. Inside is a Capstone project [ all the tools available and guidance given], for your children to start their own e-commerce business even when they do not have any merchandise. Have fun learning and training your kid to be the next global innovator.


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"This is inspiring and motivating material for both kids and parents. Danielle my daughter  was greatly inspired with the creative ideas and she feels inspired by the ideas she is conceptualizing."

Ronald Reign

Speaker  and Entrepreneur


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